CEDR Digital Corps. coordinates the work of volunteers to create innovative technical solutions to challenges during disaster responses. We leverage technology, social media, and a rapidly scalable volunteer brigade, to quickly gather and vet critical information about conditions on the ground. All that data collection and dissemination is to help first responders and people in disaster areas, to facilitate the safe evacuation and rescue of those in need.

How CEDR Volunteers Help

When a disaster strikes, people always need help. CEDR Digital Corps offers a simple organized way for people to help during a disaster, by simply logging online and spending a few hours volunteering with us in any number of roles. Some of our most critical volunteer roles are:

  • Social media searchers – these individuals are social media enthusiasts and sleuths, who collect information for our disaster response and mapping efforts.
  • Mappers – our digital mapping teams use the latest GIS technology available to us, to help create and maintain our complex digital maps which are used by thousands of individuals during a disaster.
  • Tech Team – our technology team is constantly innovating to make sure we can close the information gap between disaster victims, first responders and relief organizations for a faster and more effective response.
  • Coordinators – we work with a number of local/state government agencies and other volunteer nonprofits to ensure that our response is coordinated and effective, so we can help save lives when time is critical.

Our Impact:

  • Over 10,000 rescues facilitated
  • Over 12,000 data points mapped in Puerto Rico: infrastructure conditions, gas, power, water and food distribution points
  • Over 100 Zello Broadcasts in Spanish and English regarding  conditions in Puerto Rico
  • Published hundreds of hurricane-related health and safety social media posts helping those in disaster zones.

Please contact us to volunteer or with any questions at:  contactcedrdc@gmail.com.