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We have a variety of resources for Individuals, Families and Small Business

Here are some free #coronavirus resources posted on our website for you:
-Personal Protection Resources –
-Understanding #CommunitySpread, containment and mitigation + Resources –
-Community Spread Part 1-

For Parents in #NY #NJ #CA #OR
We asked a mom, who has mastered the art of #homeschooling and #workingremotely to share her experiences in a blog post to help our followers prepare for that transition. We’ve posted it on our blog so please go visit:

Tonight 3 resources for small companies that have to transition employees to work remotely due to COVID19 .

  • Article: Remote work emergency plan: What to do & where to start –
  • Video: Prof consultant shares advice

Our nightly Self-Care reminder: Take care of YOU
In order to address anxiety you have to identify it
Here’s and article that will help you: Understand why Coronavirus Anxiety is hard to control

5) A psychologist explains how to get a grip on our coronavirus anxiety triggered by COVID-19, and provides 7 strategies to help us cope.

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