Applying for College in the Age of #COVID19

Tonight’s post is exclusively for #HighSchool students & their parents to help you #PrepareForCollege and the  #CollegeApplication process.

There are many things you can do virtually, and several of our volunteers have gathered resources to help because it’s never too early to start planning for college.

It’s important for you to know that, The College Board is developing AP Exams for 2020 that students can take from home:

  • Given May 11-22 and June 1-5
  • 45 minutes long
  • Open book/open note
  • Online (or a photo of handwritten work)
    More at:

Some of my students began in 8th grade by searching online for areas of interests like Pre-Vet programs and what math & science classes they will be required to have to apply, so that he could make sure they take those in HS

So you’re not sure what you want to be when you grow up. That’s fine too, over 80% of students don’t decide on a career path until the middle of sophomore year at college. Use this site to learn about where your strengths and interests are best suited:

Another thing you can do in the next couple of weeks is acquire new skills or improve the ones you have. For example, the study skills you have in middle school will not help you with Chemistry or Algebra. Here are 2 great resources:

If you’re a high school #junior, as you begin applying to colleges in the fall, know that recruiters will be looking at how you spent this time. We suggest you explore interests, hobbies or find ways to  give back to your community. A safe way is being a digital volunteer:

Colleges will look to see 2 things from applicants:

  • how they managed their educational interruption
  • what did they do with the time they had

For the high school #writers #poets #artists & creative types among you… use this time to develop your talent. You’ll never have as much time as the present to express your thoughts and inspire others in the process. #Students share with us your talent! #Seattle #NYC #NOLA