Resources for Supporting Children After a Disaster

Resources for Supporting Children After a Disaster

At CEDR we care deeply about supporting the resilience of communities impacted by disasters. We have found there are two critical areas in which communities need the greatest support in the first few days of the recovery process, after a natural disaster:   (a) Guidance with basic information about the recovery process, including how to get support for their basic needs. [Information covering this area will be posted on a separate page tomorrow]; (b) Support and guidance on how to help children after a disaster. To that end, we have created this resource page to help parents, teachers and caregivers, support children after a disaster.

How to Help Children Cope After a Disaster

The resources below have been separated  into several age-specific resources:

How Big Bird and Sesame Street residents Get Through a Storm

Video courtesy of Sesame Street. Through the link below you can find ways of discussing with children their feelings and concerns about the hurricane and recovery process.

Here are other resources for talking to your children about Hurricane Florence and its impact:

Guides for Teachers/Educational Staff on how to support children after a disaster The link below describes common reactions students may have, and how teachers/school staff can help them through this process. The North Carolina Public School Forum has created a brief outline for the educational community on how to support families and help reduce trauma in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Here are a few steps to building the emotional support and safety that students need as they come back to school:

  • Stability and order​: In the aftermath of chaos and danger, students need as much structure and predictability as possible to rebuild their sense of safety. They need to know that someone is in charge, has a plan for moving forward, and will take care of them.
  • Community​: Connection to others, and the feeling of coming together to support one another, will also promote feelings of safety and empowerment, particularly when coupled with some of the concrete actions to move forward toward a family’s recovery process [Resources for this will be provided on a separate page at:].
  • Concrete actions​: Help students and families identify clear and concrete tasks to take small steps forward. When needs are overwhelming, help them break down tasks into small, manageable steps [with a focus on meeting basic needs first]. Cooking, cleaning, organizing materials, etc. can all help students and families to focus on immediate goals and regain control. [Resources for this will be provided on a separate page at:].
  • Information on stress reactions and coping skills:​

California Wildfires Resources

California Wildfires


Update: 22 Aug 2018 – 1:30 AM ET


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Follow the conversation on all the California Wildfires we are actively working on via twitter at: @CEDRdigital

CEDR is actively supporting the disaster response on the following three wildfires: #Carr Fire, #Mendocino Complex Fire and the #Holy Fire.

To find a list of fire related resources, disaster assistance, or to access an official detailed map with current information regardomg evacuations, shelters for humans and pets, etc., follow the links below.

#CarrFire Map and Disaster Assistance Resources

#HolyFire Map and Disaster Assistance Resources

#MendocinoComplex Map and Disaster Assistance Resources


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Incendios en California

Siga la conversación sobre los incendios forestales en California en los cuales estamos activamente trabajando a través de Twitter en: @CEDRdigital

CEDR está siguiendo activamente los siguientes incendios forestales de #Carr, #Mendocino Complex y #Holy.

Para verificar el estado actual de los mismos, descargar una lista de recursos relacionados con los incendios o para acceder a un mapa oficial con información actual detallada con evacuaciones, refugios para humanos y mascotas, etc., siga los enlaces en las paginas a continuación.

#Carr Fire/Incendio – Mapa Y Recursos De Asistencia Para Desastres

#Holy Fire/Incendio – Mapa Y Recursos De Asistencia Para Desastres