COVID19: Homeschooling Week 4

Parents, by now you have settled into homeschooling rhythm and have helped your children cope with many changes. #KidsHealth wants to make sure you take care of yourself during #Coronavirus #selfisolation and has suggestions on the Parents section:

Some of the tools to relieve your #COVID19 stress and #coronavirus anxiety can be shared with your children and done together:

Would your child like a virtual pet? The Friendly Felines of the Philbrook Museum’s Garden Center is looking for a few pen pals and some new friends. See link below for info and cats profiles:

The National Weather Service is hosting weather science webinars geared towards 4th, 5th & 6th grades for the states of
#Florida #Georgia #SC #NC #VA #MD #DE #COVID19

Google Chrome has partnered with a number of companies to offer free distance learning tools for students and educators during #COVID19: Education:… Make Music:

Check out our other Homeschooling posts for additional resources:

COVID19 Homeschooling Week 2

1) Today because of #COVID19 we saw many parents struggle trying to fill some big shoes.  It takes a team of #teachers & staff to educate a child. #Parents tried to do it solo and some were challenged as they had no support on day 1. You were not alone:

2) New York City schools were the first ones to shut down and parents in queens were forced to experience homeschooling remotely for the first time ever. A local paper has gathered some great educational resources to help parents cope and survive:

3) So as a way to help you cope with your new dual role of #parent & #teacher we will continue to share daily some great resources to get you through the next few weeks and perhaps even enjoy the time.

4) For those who are working remotely and cannot do the double duty because of their jobs. There are some options available which are covered in this article:

5) For those that need just a bit of guidance in the form of resources, here’s a treasure trove of resources available at National School Choice website below. They have resources for: “Families Educating from Home”
and “Educating Students with Disabilities”:

6) Regardless of how your first day went, don’t lose hope. No #teacher mastered the craft in 1 day so neither will you. For the next few weeks we’ll support these efforts by keeping resources on our blog on this page and elsewhere.