We’re posting Coronavirus information and resources daily to help you prepare and get through this emergency keeping your family safe and healthy. We’re tagging states with new #COVID19 cases today who could use this info: #OK #MO #VT #LA #HI.

Today’s Topic covers: Understanding Community Spread of COVID19

1) News of the #coronavirus #COVID-19 is everywhere, including the playground. It’s important that we talk to our kids before any members of your household get sick. The article via the link that follows, give you reassuring ways you can explain this topic to your child.

2) Personal preparedness is where we start to fight community spread of COVID19. It begins with hygiene practices at home & continues w/support from members of your community. Please share the link from the CDC w/leaders of organizations & businesses in your community:
Link: http://bit.ly/38oi5Po

3) To help you/others understand what we are dealing with I am including an article featuring 2 brand new studies about how easily #COVID19 spreads. This is meant to help you understand the new normal we are facing:

4) Since #COVID19 is a new disease many community organizations are trying to navigate this new normal. The article below describes the #coronavirus is changing some practices:

5) Why is curbing community spread important? Because Coronavirus could continue to spread into next year, but its impact could be blunted, says one CDC official.

6) How does our behavior make a difference in the spread of the Coronavirus? Dr Wiles, an infectious disease expert, walks us through the answers with illustrations:

7) #CEDRdigital is a disaster response group that activated on 1/24 to help you prepare for this emergency while supporting state & local agencies get ready to respond to the #Coronavirus. As #COVID19 spreads we want you to know how agencies & NGOs have PREPARED for this epidemic:

8) Finally a tool that is important in any crisis is Self-care. Because this is a long drawn out event it’s important that you find ways to deal with increased stress in positive ways so you can remain healthy. Harvard Health’s tips for mini-relaxation