Plan your #COVID19 weekend entertainment so you can attend virtual concerts, watch movies, etc w/friends

Below is a fun educational resource to keep children entertained while being educated: Free Audible Stories for kids of all ages to listen to from hundreds of Audible titles across six languages— so they can keep learning, dreaming and just being kids.

YouTube aims to help parents during this #Coronavirus quarantine by providing you with online educational resources:

  • Learning @ Home for young learners:
  • Learning for all ages:

We just discovered that Chrome has an extension you can download so you & your friends can watch Netflix remotely but together and chat: Netflix Party Makes for a great “Virtual Date” >>>

Instagram has a new Co-Watch feature that lets you share what your watching (stories, videos, or posts) with others. To learn more about how to use this feature visit:

Join us for a concert… at an Online Music & Events Festival – a virtual music & dance festival you can watch simultaneously with thousands of old & new friends. Check out their Calendar & make your virtual group hangout plans for this weekend: