For those that want to analyze every aspect of the #coronavirus the NY Times has lifted its paywall and is tracking all aspect of COVID19:

Because its the start of the weekend we are offering entertainment resources for individuals of all ages:

Many of our volunteers were excited about these and pushed them to the front of the line. The first is for parents who need leverage or incentive for their kids to finish homework/chores, Epic Games is offering access to games for free for info visit:

For aspiring or established writers, if you missed the Bravewriters Conference don’t despair, you can still replay all the sessions for free. Visit their page for a preview:

For booklovers:
Many of your local libraries are offering free downloads for books and films for audiences of all ages. If your favorite book is a classic consider downloading and permanently having it on your electronic device from Project Gutenberg:

Social Distancing may be keeping you indoors but that doesn’t mean family fun has to stop. Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of zoos and animals you can visit, and virtual rides you can try before paying the hefty price of admission.

For those missing their sports or cultural event – we highly recommend you explore the following:

Finally for those needing to forget the world and who wish they could go out… the Comedy club comes to you via instagram’s “Co-Watch{ feature.
Make it a date with a love interest. For info visit: