Resources for those who find themselves temporarily or permanently unemployed due to #Coronavirus. Tonight’s thread focuses on the 4.2 million of you who are now #unemployed. Plz KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that many states like #NY & #NJ are mobilizing to try and help via their State’s #COVID19 programs.

To find information on your state’s financial support program type your state’s page followed by “.gov” such as: or

On your states’s web pages you will find information about unemployment insurance and any temporary programs they have created to support families during their time of need during a disaster.

There is also guidance available through many media outlets. For example: The NYTimes has created a financial hub with a great deal of information about unemployment, the stimulus check and other resources you might want to explore:

The State of Washington has done a blog post and a video and posted these on their #Coronavirus site, offering guidance to residents on the stimulus bill and how to navigate this time of uncertainty, that our volunteers found helpful:

For those who actively looking for work, a word of advice: If you haven’t done so already, set up a home office asap (, as you will be doing interviews remotely no matter what your job title is.

As some of you prepare to possibly transition to new jobs, you will need to practice on how to interview remotely; here are some good tips on how to interview in this new environment: